21 Swap Street is available now on Smashwords!

My personal favorite story is now available on both platforms for your reading pleasure. A little bit mystery, a little bit crime thriller, a lot of bit gender bender. Like cheerleaders? Like seduction? This story gives undercover a whole new meaning!

The Description: With a drug epidemic sweeping through a private West Coast high school, East Coast Detective Daniel Jefferies must go undercover to stop it. However, with an impossibly tight clique of cheerleaders apparently behind the chaos, he’ll need more than his wits to infiltrate this squad. Fortunately, he won’t be alone. With the aid of former cheerleader, turned ATF Agent, Jessica Ross and a sophisticated bodysuit allowing him to inhabit the form of a nubile cheerleader, Dan must navigate the hormone fueled arena . At least, if a lecherous neighbor, a sexy cabal of cheerleaders, or his own suit’s feminine instincts don’t consume him first. Gender bender erotica.

Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know! Haven’t read it yet? What are you waiting for?


iSwap #9 [The End]

I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. I’ll be continuing this every other week, alternating with other content. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts. Enjoy iSwap!

Sans Climax #2

Excerpt from a story I never finished.

What do you think of the concept?

“Lads-,” Captain Hyde announced, “The situation is dire. We’ve had a malfunction within the S-Drive. For the time being we are stranded in deep space. The nearest system is 5 light-years away. We’ve run out of options.”

The S-drive, disabled! Without it, mankind would forever be limited by light speed. The S-drive allowed craft to slide into Slipspace which allowed for faster-than-light travel.  Despite this, the “S” didn’t stand for either slip or slide.

Hyde turned to Chief engineer Cyrus and nodded his head. “As near as we can tell, a malfunction in the extractor shorted the key. She’s dead. We’re stuck until we get a new one. Tannis has already evacuated the chamber…”

“Aye, dumped that drive-bitch out the fukin’ airlock. She was so fukin’ ugly, I wouldn’t-a fucked her with Cyrus’ limp pricker.”

Mesi’s stomach dropped through his shoes as he mulled the news.

The key to the S-Drive, or Sex-Drive as it was originally known, was a human woman. It had been nearly 2 centuries since engineers first discovered neurons activated by a woman’s orgasm were a perfect analog for triggering the passage into Slipspace. Their brainwave patterns were the key to trans-galactic travel and as spacecraft equipment, they had fewer rights than even the lowliest slave. It didn’t surprise Mesi that she was ugly. Pretty women were much more valuable as slaves and a woman didn’t have to be pretty to cum. Still, referring to a human the way Tannis did made him feel uncomfortable.

The captain regarded his crew carefully, “Do you boys know the procedure for S-drive failure?” He paused and awaited their answer.

They all knew what it meant. Someone in their all-male crew would have to become the next key, or they would starve. Air and water were recirculated, but their food supplies would run out in just a few weeks. There was no alternative, one of them was about to become a woman.

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