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❄❄❄ Winter Update ❄❄❄

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Yes, its been a while since I’ve either posted or written much of anything. It might be worth sharing why.

To write I primarily need two things; Opportunity (I have a full time job and a life outside of my writing) and inspiration. Until recently I’ve had a shortage of both. I’ll update you on what I’m working on and I want to hear what you think!

The sequel to 21 Swap Street which I was working through hit several roadblocks and I just wasn’t happy with where it was going. I’m thinking through a rework which will fix many problematic elements, but I’m not at the stage where I know what can be salvaged from the original (if anything) let alone ready to start again, so it may not see any updates for a while.

If I’m not working on that, what am I working on? An old gender bender idea I’ve been been kicking around for a while has been really stoking my yule fire! It’s a play on the 5 senses, one story for each. Without giving away too much, I’ll tease you with an image inspiring the most fully formed of the ideas. I’ll let you guess which sense it involves!

Finally, one more thing. The only thing I might love more than writing is games and I’m always looking for inspiration for my stories. Only one game I’ve ever played fills both needs. Do any of you play Second Life? Let me know in the comments and maybe we could meet up and get into some mischief 😘

💕 Emily

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Cover Conundrum

I’ve been playing around with several potential covers for 22 Swap Street. I thought I’d share them here and see if anyone has a favorite or should keep experimenting? Vote in the poll to let me know.

I could also use your help. I’m… lets say 1/5 of the way through writing 22 Swap Street. There are about 8 chapters written. I’d like to share more, but it’s VERY first draft. Ugly, subject to change, and might be a tough read. Do you want me to share it anyway? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

22 Swap Street: Chapter 2

Allison spent most of the car ride on the phone “making arrangements.” Agent Harrison wasn’t helpful either. He sat silently gazing out the window, as he had during Kei and Allison’s lovemaking. Although Kei was grateful he hadn’t seemed present earlier, it was frustrating now that he wanted information. The only thing he knew was they were on the way to campus.

An unknown college campus, where he would be expected to pretend to be some girl named Soo-Yun An. His community didn’t share the mutual animosity between Koreans and Japanese established in the wake of their home nations’ respective interactions. But if the Fifthson College was mostly white, it wouldn’t be an issue. The real trick was how they expected him to pretend to be a girl. Sure, he was short, but-

“Stop here!” Allison called, pulling the phone momementarily from her ear and banging on the shaded divider. She took out a notebook and scribbled down a quick, bulleted list before ripping off the page and handing it to Agent Harrison. “Pick this stuff up, quick.”

Without a word, the towering agent hopped outside the car which had only just rolled to a stop outside a CVS. Allison resumed her call before Kei could get her attention. 

He huffed in frustration and resumed listening to half a conversation in an attempt to gain some measure of clarity. A few minutes later, Harrison reappeared with a plastic bag. 

“Did you get everything we needed?”

Agent Harrison handed over the bag. “They didn’t have a black wig, so I had to improvise.”

Allison scanned the contents and nodded, pulling out a disposable razor, a bottle of water, a travel can of shaving cream, a collegiate sweatshirt, lipstick, a compact, and finally a wig with long, garish blue hair.

“No way,” Kei muttered, shaking his head. “This is a joke.”

Pulling the phone from her ear and covering the mouthpiece, Allison whispered harshly. “You do it or I make Agent Harrison do it for you.” 

The air of threat was unmistakable, even if Allsion was no longer looking at him, resuming her call and banging on the divider, signaling the driver to resume their travel.

“Fuck,” Kei sighed, slipping the sweatshirt over his head.

Kei had never put makeup on before. Moreover, without a mirror, he couldn’t be sure how to start. It wasn’t even until he opened the compact did he realize there was a mirror readily available. After clumsily shaving, fumbling with eye shadow, and sloppy smearing of lipstick he finally slipped on the wig. 

Allison was no longer talking on the phone, instead she was studying him while clearly holding back a cackle of mirth. 

“Look, I’ve never done this before.”

“I know,” she said, with consolation in her tone. “And if we had time I’d love to teach you. Unfortunately, we’re here and you look… feminine enough… in a lazy college way.”

Kei looked outside and found they had parked outside a large dorm-looking building. “How on Earth am I supposed to blend in like this?”

“You only need to make it to your room. Under your bed you’ll find a much more convincing disguise. You’ll need to get it on quickly, your roommate will be here soon.”

“I have a roommate?” Kei exclaimed. “This is impossible.”

“Very probably,” Allison sighed and admitted. Then, bringing up a photo on her phone, she handed it to Kei. It was a photo of a grim looking young man with dark hair and hazel eyes. “After today we can’t risk any contact, this is Mac Davidson. He’s a college senior, our liaison. He’ll function as a go-between for us and will be posing as your physics tutor. We’ve arranged a meeting at the library tomorrow. He’s aware of your… situation and will fill you in on the case.”

“You’re just letting me go?”

“We have an arrangement. If you don’t report in with Mac tomorrow, or if you fail to report in regularly, he’ll let us know. Afterwards, I’ll make it my personal mission to ensure you not only end up in a federal prison, but I’ll make sure to send your family the remains.” She was still smiling, but it now carried a deadly edge. It was hard to imagine they’d made love mere minutes ago, even if she was still in only her underwear.

Kei held out the phone, but Allison waved him off. 

“It’s yours,” she explained. “If something goes catastrophically wrong, or if you need to reach us, dial 9-1-1. It will reroute to us.”

“And if I’m found out?”

Allison reached out and adjusted Kei’s wig. “If your true identity is revealed, then Billco spreads throughout the western seaboard. The truth of Soo-Yun’s fate will never be known and your family-”

“Ok, I get it,” Kei insisted, while he slipped the phone in the sweatshirt’s front pocket with a grimace.

“Just so we’re clear, Harrison and I are rooting for you. You aren’t a cop, but we don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I know more about what you’re about to go through than you can imagine, just… be safe.”

“Clear,” Harrison announced loudly and unexpectedly. Kei had forgotten the mountainous agent was present.

“Time to go,” Allison announced. She also handed over a key and added “Room 519, try to avoid talking to anyone until you’re properly dressed. Remember-”

Opening the door, Kei interrupted as he stepped out. “The real disguise is under the bed, whatever that means.”

“Good luck Keisuke,” he heard a moment before the door closed. 

Pulling a hood over his head and sweeping strands of faux hair out of his mouth he moved towards the dorm’s entrance. Clutching keys and keeping his head down, Kei shuffled quickly towards the enterance and nearly collided with a tall, dark, blur. 

“Excuse me,” it said with a good natured chuckle. “Oh, I don’t believe we’ve met. Are you a freshman?”

“Mhmm!” Kei squeaked in affirmation, afraid to speak. He glanced up to see dark brown eyes and a warm smile before turning away. It was a bad idea letting the stranger get too good a look at him, if it wasn’t already too late.

“My name is Leshaun and I’m an RA for the 5th floor. You wouldn’t be Soo-Yun, would you?”

Kei nodded and cursed inwardly.

“Oh fantastic!” the residential assistant exclaimed. “Let me show you to your room. Is it alright if I call you Soo?”

Kei nodded again as he followed Leshaun into the elevator. He carefully positioned himself to let the hood mask his face and hoped he just came off as shy. RAs were supposed to be extra friendly and helpful to new students, but if he could just make it to his room…

“I like your blue hair,” Leshaun said as the door closed, “It’s really cute.”

“Did he just call me cute?” Kei wondered, but before he could even wrap his brain around the idea, Leshaun added, “If you want to grab a bite to eat sometime, it’s my treat. I know all the best places so you can stop by my room anytime.”

As Leshaun finished explaining the best place to get Thai food they arrived at Kei’s, no, Soo-Yun’s, room.  

“Your roommate Samantha  is supposed to get here in the next hour or two, but if you need me, I’m just down the hall.”

“Thanks,” Kei squeaked, slipping inside the door and all-but closing the door in Leshaun’s face. And, for the first time in several endless minutes, he took a breath. His heart was pounding, certain he’d be found out any moment. Yet Leshaun obviously expected to see a quiet, young asian girl, and he was able to present that facade realistically enough. Moreover, did he get invited on a date?

No, Kei decided, the residential assistant was just being friendly. The real issue was a roommate who might arrive any moment, so his thoughts turned to the “real disguise” beneath the bed and he set to examining the room. Fortunately it was small, two beds, two desks, two dressers, and two wardrobes. Half the room was appointed with stereotypically feminine styled decoration, posters and a computer. Was it his or his roommate’s? A quick check beneath the unadorned bed revealed nothing. Under the bed with the silky, purple-flower festooned bedspread there was a squat storage container.

“Well, now I know which side of the room is mine,” Kei confirmed to himself as he heaved the chest atop the comforter. “Now let’s see this miraculous disguise which is supposed to fool my roommate who sleeps two feet away. Youch!”

As he moved to unlatch the top he pulled his hand away to see a trickle of blood. A small needle sank back into the container and Kei muttered, wondering if he’d been poisoned. Opening the cover revealed a printout containing a brief letter:

“Contained within, find one (1) premium B-Tek Model-C, full-body conversion sleeve. This skin has been designed to fully resemble one Soo-Yun An (deceased). Body to achieve 100% conversion rate and maintain indefinite body-mesh disambiguation utilizing seminal ejection based stimulant (keep refrigerated), dosage not to exceed 1 dose every 2 day(s).”


Beneath the letter was a soft pink… something. Stray strands of dark hair swirled about the bottom of the container, a dark, shimmering pool consuming it’s contents. As he watched the pink-something appeared to inflate, yellowing slightly to a shade of flesh Kei recognized as Soo’s. He swallowed back surging vomit.

If there wasn’t enough in the box to be grossed out by, there was the trouble reference to “seminal ejections” in a refrigerator. But there was no way they expected him to drink cum, right?

Sure enough, Kei turned to find a minifridge beside the door. Swallowing hard, he opened it to find a dozen smoothie-looking drinks neatly lining the interior. 

This was wild, too wild. Every instinct he had screamed to run for the door and never look back. Wearable skin, cum-filled smoothies, murder, drugs, undercover police work… What was he doing involved in any of this?

As much as he wanted to blame his penis for agreeing to this madness, Kei would have said yes anyway. It was true that prison time was tantamount to suicide. It wouldn’t take long for the mob or yakuza to find out where he was. And the Feds promised to look after his family. If he was dead, there wouldn’t be anyone left to care for his sister.

Sighing, he returned to the box. But he vowed to avoid the smoothies at all cost. Drinking jizz was NOT going to happen.

He lifted the flesh out of the box carefully. It weighed almost nothing and yet was warm to the touch. Unusually soft, the spongy, flesh-colored material unrolled into a human-shaped silhouette, long dark hair swaying from a head-shaped protrusion. 

It stretched as he applied gentle pressure prompting a shiver of disgust. Kei could identify all four limbs and an opening in the back from which a small sticky note fluttered down. The note was a bulleted list which included 3 items.

  1. Strip down completely
  2. Enter the suit one limb at a time while seated
  3. Once limbs adjust, stand and zip the back AFTER applying the facemask.

Notes for how to put the suit on. Terrific. Kei tossed the wig and sticky note on the bed beside the storage container. Then he stripped before taking a deep breath while desperately avoiding overthinking what he was about to do.

Limb by limb, Kei watched the sagging body sleeve plump as his body filled it. However, instead of stretching to fit his legs and arms, he could feel muscles and bones shifting to resemble a more slender caste. It was deeply uncomfortable the way his body rearranged itself after a sensation of intense compression. Gradually, normal sensation returned, first to his fingers and toes, then to his limbs. 

But they weren’t HIS limbs. Slender, graceful, slightly paler than his own skin tone, they were a girl’s limbs. Soo’s limbs.

Nevertheless, he continued complying with the instructions. Pulling the mask over his head with eyes shut tight, he winced as the mask subsumed his skull, squeezing it until he was sure it would pop. When he opened his eyes, it was through Soo’s almond ones.

Peering down, he could see the wrinkled folds of breast and torso sagging through about mid-thigh. Then, sucking in a deep breath he reached behind for the point just below his ass where the back-split began. After fumbling blindly for a moment he found a small nub and began to pull upward. Miraculously his hand fell away and the “zipper” proceeded up his back sending a tingling sensation along his spine all the way to the base of his skull. 

Kei watched as the skin around his torso and hips tightened. His chest was already tight but it squeezed the breath from his lungs and he could feel ribs jostled beneath the suit’s rictus grasp. A crawling tickle traveled up from his belly and he watched in dumbstruck amazement as his chest swelled into a pair of small, but shapely, breasts with adorable, perky nipples.

As a body-wide twinge subsided he was left looking at the body of a slender, supple, gorgeous young woman. There wasn’t even a sign of his manhood, just a hairless mound where it should have been, a slender waist and feminine hips. He hadn’t seen a picture of Soo Yun naked, but he did not doubt he resembled her to every last detail.

“Now I just have to mask my-” Kei began, expecting to still sound like himself, but he didn’t. Much to his surprise, the suit had even changed his voice! Instead of his nasal tenor, the voice was a sweet soprano, perfectly matching the nubile body. 

Any sense of discomfort had faded and more than any other emotion, Kei was overwhelmed with curiosity. This level of technology was incredible! Of course, it belonged exclusively to law enforcement. Still, regardless of how it’d happened, he found himself in the presence of a hot, young woman, and that woman was him! Her? It was strange how difficult it was to think of himself (herself) as a man (woman) when his (her) body looked like this. 

At the cusp of an existential, and self-referential crisis, naked and confused, Kei struggled to comprehend the avalanche of stimuli. Just as he (she) was about to search for some measure of sanity, the worst thing in the entire history of the world happened… Someone was knocking at the door!

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22 Swap Street: Chapter 1

Kei leaned against the heavy, metallic bars of the holding cell and sighed dramatically.

“Silence, prisoner,” the officer barked, looking up from her novel and scowling in his direction before returning back to the book.

“C’mon babe,” Kei implored sweetly. “If you’re not going to let me out, you must have a chess set floating around somewhere… I’m so bored. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two.”

 “Like how to steal from the mob?” she fired back sourly without looking up.

“I can’t help it if a bunch of folks place bad bets. Chess is a game of inches, one mistake and a sure win becomes bitter defeat. Lady luck plays us all for fools now and then.”

“Did you try explaining that to the enforcers who were about to break your legs when we found you? Should we have let them break “Lady Luck’s” legs instead?”

“Certainly not if they’re even half as lovely as yours Officer Lee,” Kei crooned, leering through the bars at the policewoman who refused to raise her gaze to regard him. But he could see her blushing and decided to push his luck. “Besides, even if I put my finger on the scale, which I’m not saying I did, is it really a crime to steal from a bunch of crooks?”

The officer finally looked up again but smiled wickedly. “Yes, specifically, racketeering, including but not limited to, bribery, illegal gambling, fraud, obstruction of justice-”

“Ok, ok” Kei interrupted, slumping to a crouch against the concrete wall breaking eye contact with the policewoman.

He attempted to entertain himself counting the squares in the scratchy, fleece blanket covering the cot along the wall, but quickly lost interest. Kei fell into working through a chess puzzle and lost track of time, snapping out of a half-daze when his musing was interrupted by a sharp ring.

It took several moments before he realized it was a phone. He returned his gaze to officer Lee who answered, listening raptly. Her long dark hair shimmered as she nodded, then her eyes widened in surprise

“Yes sir, when?” A pause, and then, “Now? Seriously? Yes sir, of course.”

Kei rose to his feet as Officer Lee put the phone down. He tried to look smug, despite the feeling of inferiority from his short stature. He pulled up to the maximum his 5’5” would allow and put on a quixotic smile. “I don’t suppose that was the president demanding my immediate release?”

Lee didn’t smile, she looked him dead in the eyes and said, “You’re being transferred, effective immediately. Evidently a car will be here any moment.”

On cue, the intercom buzzed and a voice over the intercom explained a car had arrived to move the prisoner. 

“Fuck,” Lee muttered as she opened the cell door and cuffed Kei’s hands in front of him. 

Her hands were wonderfully soft and he debated hitting on her again. Something in her face made him think better of it. Instead he said, “Are you going to miss me?”

“This is serious Keisuke, these are the Feds. I think you really fucked up this time.”

Kei didn’t say anything more as he was led through the small police office, down the hallway, and out to the curb where a black SUV waited. An official in a dark gray suit flashed a badge, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, it was true, he was truly in the shit…

“Please step in the car sir,” the agent asked, looking down at the much shorter man while opening the vehicle door. Kei sighed, looked back at Officer Lee before stepping into the vehicle as she mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” 

He gulped, suppressed an urge to vomit and stepped into the car an instant before the agent joined him. Instead of standard SUV seating, the two rows of seating faced each other separated by about a foot.

They were not alone in the SUV. Seated across from him and the agent was a strange woman, gorgeous with blonde hair and a stunning smile. He studied the woman across from him who looked less like a federal agent, and more like a model, despite her smart, dark gray suit. She crossed her shapely legs and regarded him.

Without taking her eyes off the prisoner, the woman knocked on the window above her shoulder and the car set off down the road. To Kei she said, “Pleased to meet you. My name is Agent Allison Jefferies, and I’m here to make you an offer of a lifetime.”

Kei didn’t respond right away. Deliberately, he glanced down at his handcuffs and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Oh, we’ll take care of that in a moment,” Allison assured him. She picked up a clipboard from the seat beside her and announced, “First some formalities. Can you confirm your full name is Keisuke Hara, high school valedictorian and regional chess champion?”

“Yeah,” Kei confirmed. “But why-”

Allison flipped past the first page and frowned. “Quite the rap sheet for such a distinguished highschool career. Two years of college before dropping out over a chess betting scandal. Rigging games, fraud, fraud again, then it looks like you got in deep with the Yakuza… AND the mob! What a busy career you’ve had after graduation. It’s hard to believe you’re only 24.”

She flipped through a number of subsequent pages which looked like spreadsheets. Dollar amounts. Large, negative numbers. Kei knew what was coming next.

“Oooooh, you owe them a LOT of money. From what I know about these folks they don’t take kindly to being stolen from. Was that why you were in jail? To keep you safe? You’d last about 5 minutes in the federal prison system.”

Kei wasn’t looking at her anymore. “So it’s blackmail then.”

“You mistake my intent Keisuke, this is NOT blackmail. By all rights you should have been in a federal penitentiary a dozen times over. But somehow you have managed to get on the good side of not one, but two organized criminal enterprises as well as your local police precinct. That requires some truly unique personal skills we could utilize. Think of it more as a job interview, but one where if you don’t get the job, you’ll end up dead!”

The woman’s upbeat attitude was at odds with her thinly veiled threats, but he still found himself drawn back to her sparkling green eyes. She was VERY pretty, and as much as it shamed him to admit, it played some part in his willingness to hear her out.

Kei sighed and said, “Ok, what’s the gig?”

“That’s the spirit!” Allison trilled, her pouty lips spreading into a wide grin. “Have you ever heard of a drug called Billco?”

In response, Kei began to shake his head but thought back to his most recent conversations with drug dealers he had casual contact with. After a moment he nodded and added, “I think I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know anything about it.”

“Not surprising. It’s just beginning to gain popularity, and mainly in the college scene for right now.”

“What does it do?” Kei asked, his natural curiosity rising.

“Interestingly, the effect differs when taken by men and women. When a man takes it, in addition to a marjuana-like high, he gains the ability to experience multiple orgasms the way a woman does. It also makes the orgasms extra intense… at least according to anecdotal accounts.”

That didn’t sound so bad to Kei. In fact, it seemed like a souped up Viagra. He knew there had to be a catch, so he asked the obvious followup. “And what does it do to women?”

Allison’s grin faded as she explained, “It enhances arousal and suppresses a woman’s will. It makes her suggestable and easily commanded. It dissolves easily in food and drink and as of yet, there’s no known method for detection.”

The look of distaste on her face was palpable and easily understood. A super-Viagra combined with a super-Rufi. A dangerous mix. Understanding the danger was simple. Now he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

“Where do I come in?” He finally inquired when the Agent’s further elaboration was not immediately forthcoming.

Allison was clearly awaiting this question and responded with a well practiced explanation.

“We believe distribution of Billco can be traced back to a Sorority at Fifthson College. We need you to go undercover and find definitive proof of illegal activity. If we can’t identify the culprit soon, it will break containment and women everywhere will be in terrible danger.”

Kei didn’t know what reaction Allison expected to see, but she seemed taken aback as he unleashed a torrent of laughter so deafening his belly ached. 

“HAHAHAHAHA, that’s fucking hillarious. Who put you up to this? BAHAHAHA, ridiculous! Get the scrawny, short asian kid to dress up in drag and embarrass him? What a joke!”

“No joke,” Allison assured him, her face a mask of seriousness. “It has to be you. The sorority is renowned for their Chess prowess.”

“Ok, I’ll play along. How the hell does it make sense for me to pretend to be a girl? Aren’t there like, 2.5 million actual girls you could get to do the job? Hell, I’ve known plenty of girls who kicked my ass at chess, do you need phone numbers?”

“We had one. She’s dead.”

The subsequent silence was excruciating. Only the soft whir of the engine encroached in the still, poisonous cabin. This time, it was Allison who spoke up.

“Classes start in 2 days. We wouldn’t be here if we had any other option. She attended an orientation party at the sorority house two weeks ago. She died yesterday of an unknown illness. We don’t suspect foul play, but the part which matters to you is this: Her death is known only to a select few within the Agency. You’re not going in as just any woman, we need you to become HER.”

Allison punctuated the final statement with a headshot of a cheerful looking girl flashing the peace sign. He studied her smiling face which looked to be of Korean descent. The girl was adorable, bubbly, and evidently, dead. A pit in Kei’s stomach turned into an abyss.

“Even if it is actually possible, it has to be someone else. You said it yourself, I’m a criminal. I’ve got no business-”

A raised hand silenced him. “You have a knack for earning the trust of criminals. We know you’ve stolen a lot of money. Moreover, we also know WHY you stole it. In the eyes of the law, you may be a criminal, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. ”

Despite himself, Kei felt tears welling up in the corners of his eyes. Looking out the window to prevent the agent from noticing the moment of weakness, he was quick to respond, fighting through the crack in his voice.

“Then you know I can’t leave.”

“Now we’re negotiating,” Allison observed. “I can promise she’ll receive the best care the federal government can provide. If you complete the mission, we’ll absolve you of all your criminal offenses and get you set up with witness protection for you and your family.”

“That’s generous,” Kei said with more than a trace of sarcasm. He couldn’t help but stare at the dead college student they wanted him to portray. He crumpled it in frustration and added, “All this is a load of crap.”

“The offer is serious.”

“Not the offer. The offer is incredible… Too incredible to be believable. She and I aren’t even the same ethnicity. I know we all look the same to you, but we’re not. And I don’t care how fancy the wig you provide is, I’ll never pass for a woman.”

Allison waved away the concern. “I can verify we understand the difference between Korean and Japanese ancestry and we can provide the means to blend in. Perfectly,” she added.

Reflexively, Kei’s hand moved to the patchy facial hair he’d been growing since highschool. 

“In fact,” Allison added excitedly. “Let me sweeten the pot for you. If you say yes right now, I’ll sleep with you!”

“I… uh, what?” Kei stuttered, wondering if perhaps he misheard. He glanced at the other agent who sat beside him, studying the large man’s face for some indication that he’d imagined it.

Reaching across the aisle, Allison caressed Kei’s knee suggestively. “Oh, don’t worry about Agent Harrison, he is great at ignoring my proclivities. Unless,” she paused dramatically, “You’d like him to join us?”

“No,” Kei snapped. “I’m not into guys.”

“Suit yourself,” Allison muttered, shrugging off her coat revealing a semi-transparent blouse. As she began unbuttoning it she added. “You have a certain lanky charm… I want to unwrap you like a candy bar. Do we have a deal?”

“I can’t,” he lamented, with his eyes locked on the lacy pink bra and seductive curves of the hottest cop Kei had ever seen. His cock surged against the fabric of his pants. 

“It looks like he wants to,” she observed, dropping to her knees and unbuttoning Kei’s pants. He couldn’t bring himself to stop her as she took his rock hard erection in her mouth.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned as her mouth slid up and down his manhood. Her mouth felt amazing, utterly demolishing every blowjob he could recall. However, just a few strokes in, she stopped.

“If we have a deal, I can promise you’ll never forget this night.”

“Fine, we have a deal, just don’t stop.”

Allison didn’t reply with words, instead she resumed licking up and down the length of his shaft sending a wave of pleasure down his spine. He felt soft hands wrap gently around his balls while a pair of lips slid down to the base of his diamond hard erection. Kei shuddered with a sudden and immediate release.

To his surprise, the agent gulped down the slurry without flinching and furiously licked his wilting erection clean. 

“I’m sorry-” Kei began before getting cut off by Allison who silenced him with a kiss. He could taste his own cum on her lips.

“If you think a little premature ejaculation is going to void our deal,” she attested, “I don’t give up so easily. As a cop, or a woman, I ALWAYS get my man. Now take off your clothes.”

Her tone was sharp, but authoritative. Kei obeyed. Even so he was slow to disrobe as he watched the agent smoothly strip despite the cramped quarters. Beneath her business attire was an erotic set of pink-and-black, lacy undergarments which she also removed, revealing a mesmerizing body, nubile curves and large, pert breasts, exactly his type. Every man’s type, he conceded as he felt himself begin to harden again.

“I thought I told you to take that off,” Allison chided, pulling the half-removed hoodie over Kei’s head. She ran her hand briefly over his sparse chest hair and down his flat, but non-muscular abdominals on it’s journey south. It found his manhood surging to attention, right before she lunged into his lap. Guiding him to her moist, willing entrance, she sighed as she plunged down on his cock.

Allison’s pussy was sopping wet, which was fortunate, because she was also wonderfully, deliciously tight. It was the best Kei had ever experienced and was once again in awe of her supple body. She twisted and writhed in his lap, and even as his eager hands had just begun exploring the woman’s smooth, slender form, he felt ready to erupt again!

As though she could sense his tension she shifted off and, in one smooth motion bent to present her heart-shaped backside, to Kei. He eagerly took her from behind, slipping in while groping her ample, soft bosom. Moaning as she was penetrated, Kei could never recall being so aroused. With a furious intensity he pounded her, savoring the way her cunt squeezed his cock.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, a sudden urge to cum. Without a condom, he moved to pull out.

“No,” Allison commanded. “You can cum inside. Anh! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck it,” Kei decided and resume his motion with renewed intensity. 

They came together in a moaning cacophony and Kei felt the woman shudder under his touch. Once he felt her body relax he pulled himself free and watched his semen dribble out of her perfect slit. 

Collapsing back into his seat, he took a deep breath, and watched Allison pull her panties on in the cramped vehicle interior. He admired his conquest.  

Then, remembering the deal, reality came crashing down. What had he just agreed to?

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Yes, I’m still working on Swap Spirit (available now on Vella). But I’m also working on my first ever Sequel! It is still in the early stages of development so things might change dramatically between now and when it is completed, but I thought you might like a sneak peek at Chapter 1 & 2 of 22 Swap Street, a sequel to 21 Swap Street. 21 Swap Street is my favorite story I’ve ever written and I’m SO excited to share my first sequel with you all. I’m interested in your feedback, so I’ll drop Chapter 1 on Christmas and Chapter 2 on New Years. Give them both a read, and let me know what you think!

22 Swap Street Potential Cover


Hey all, to celebrate the release of The Swap Spirit on Vella, I’m releasing the next web-only chapter. Check out the story on Vella and enjoy the story below! I also have some fun new stuff in the works for web only. If you want a sneak peak, check out my Patreon, otherwise, it’ll be coming in the next few months. Patreon can enable me write more consistently, but don’t feel obligated. Love you!

[Last Chapter]

“Wow, he’s thirsty,” Alex thought. But she made him hard? The thought made her chuckle and, together with the clothes Rachel purchased, gave her a very naughty idea. She quickly changed into a plain white halter top and picked the phone back up.

“That really ought to get him revved up,” she mused, rubbing her hands together with delight. It was fun toying with Tolney. Surprisingly fun, to the point where she didn’t mind dressing up to get him acting like an idiot as silly as she felt wearing girly clothes and taking lewd pictures.

He didn’t reply right away. Several excruciating seconds ticked away while anxiety built up. Was this whole thing a mistake? Then her phone buzzed with a trio of quick alerts. She grinned and sent her reply.

She was getting ready to take another picture when a knock sounded and she hurriedly put her phone down. 

“Hey, its Rachel,” her roommate explained. “Are you decent?”

Alex pulled her shirt down and panicked before pulling up a pair of black panties she found on the bed. It felt strange the way it conformed to her new genital configuration and ample buttocks.

“Of course,” Alex huffed as if she hadn’t been mostly nude. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Rachel peered in and smiled. She was wearing a lacy, blue sundress and her hair looked unusually tousled.  “Trying on some new clothes huh?” 

Holding back a reply, Alex offered a wan smile, her heart racing as she realized there was a cock displayed prominently on her phone which lay atop the bed. She frantically prayed the other girl wouldn’t notice as she slumped into bed, covertly covering it with a pair of sheets.

“Anyway,” Rachel continued, “I finished helping out the shaman for today. There’ll be more to do tomorrow, but while I was out I figured out exactly what you need.”


“A bubble bath!”


“Trust me,” Rachel insisted, putting her hand gently on Alex’s shoulder. “Nothing feels better than-”

Alex’s phone buzzed unexpectedly and Rachel’s eyebrow raised questioningly. 

“What, uh, have you been up to while I was out?”

With her face burning, Alex gestured to her computer which fortunately still had her game’s opening screen. The monitor chose that moment to go into power saving mode, turning black and making her claim look even more dubious. Still, she stubbornly refused to acknowledge her phone which inconveniently buzzed again.

“Well, if you’re able to put your gaming on hold, the bath is ready. Trust me, it’ll make all your cares just fade away. ”

Most important to Alex was getting Rachel out of the room before her phone became impossible to ignore. She didn’t see any way to do it without agreeing so she nodded in assent. “Ok,” Alex conceded, give me a minute and I’ll try a bath.

“Oh, goody!” Rachel exclaimed with an excited clap. She rose and straightened out her dress. “I know you wanted to be left alone until we get things straightened out, so I promise to leave you alone. I just know how stressful this has been for you and I-”

“You’re a great roommate and a better friend,” Alex interrupted, “I can take it from here.” 

“Sure. If you need anything let me know.”

“Yep, yep, yep,” Alex agreed, escorting her roommate to the door.

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me.”

“Yep,” she chirped a final time, closing the door just as another alert pinged. “Jesus Tolney!” she cursed. Then after a moment’s thought began wondering if he’d be interested in the fact she was about to take a bubble bath. 

After finding a towel and clutching her phone to her breast she headed for the bathroom with a sly smile. Tolney was about to discover a whole new level of teasing… 

To Be Continued…

Small Mistake

“I just can’t, Rachel. I’m sorry. All this attention… I can’t handle it. I’m just going to close my door and wait until the cure is ready. I don’t want anyone to see me as a woman.”

Rachel looked sad, but nodded sagely, wiping a tear from her eye. “I understand. Let’s go home and get you set up. I’ll deal with the Shaman and make sure things are all set in a few days for you to change back into a guy.”

Alex placed a hand on her roommate’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes and said as earnestly as she could manage, “Thank you.” 

They spent most of the way home in silence before Rachel finally said, “After I make sure you get home OK, I’m going to head out and pick up some essentials for you. Just to be prepared.”

“Like what?”

“I know you don’t like thinking about being a girl. Do you want to know?” 

“I guess not,” Alex confessed. “I’ll trust you.”

Minutes later, Alex found herself alone in her room and wasted no time stripping off the bikini, replacing it with an overly large tee from the back of her dresser. The shirt was too big on Alex and downright voluminous on Alex’s new, smaller frame, but it did an admirable job of covering up her body. All her pants were too long, but even if they were the correct length, they wouldn’t stay up. There weren’t even notches which fit her petite waist, so she went without. It felt strange wearing nothing below the waist, but the shirt was long enough, where maybe it didn’t matter.

In fact, if Alex ignored her hair, which hung down a few inches past her shoulders, and leaned forward when she looked down, it was almost possible to forget she was a woman! As long as she didn’t look at the lithe legs and tiny feet poking out below… or the swell of a pair of breasts beneath the shirt. Or her slender arms and hands with the rune which suppressed her feminine spirit.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t possible to forget her new femininne circumstances, so Alex decided to do the next best thing and seek distraction. She hopped on her computer to play a game. Once it loaded, she noticed Tolnay was online! Perfect. Alex had lost dozens of hours gaming with Tolnay and it was exactly the diversion he needed. A quick message and moments later they were in a game. She donned the headset and joined voice chat, running on muscle memory.

“Hey Tolney! I’m so glad to see you I-” she trilled excitedly and then froze as soon as she realized what she’d done.

“Hi, who’s this? Alex?”

Fuck, fuck, FUCK! How could she have forgotten her voice? 

“Hey Alex, you there? Who was that?”

Alex panicked and turned off her PC. However, far from solving her problem, her phone pinged with a text. “Please don’t let it be Tolney,” she hoped.

No such luck. It was a text.

[Ey man u crash?]

“Oh good,” she sighed. “Maybe he won’t ask about-”

[And who girl?]

[She sound cute]

“Fuck,” Alex swore. There was no way out, she’d have to lie. She considered what the best option was. She couldn’t pretend it had been Rachel, they gamed together occasionally with her and Tolney knew the voice. Finally, he settled on a believable lie.

[That was my girlfriend]

[She wanted to say hi]


“Of course he wants a picture,” Alex cursed. The guy was as horny as any of Alex’s male friends and if it was going to be believable it had to be sexy. She set up the camera on her desk and snapped a photo. Whatever, it would do.

Alex was furious for a reason she couldn’t articulate. She tore off her shirt and went digging through her closet. 

Of course he believed her now. It was the tie Tolney had gotten him before he’d moved west for work. Before he’d moved in with Rachel. Before it became a prop for a sexy photo. What on earth was she thinking?

However, as she readied to send another message a knock at the door drew her away from the phone. She tossed the tie and quickly buttoned down the shirt before opening the door to find Rachel with a heaving canvas bag. 

“Whoa, Rachel what’s that?”

“Well,” Rachel sighed, “I was going to pick some girl essentials which we couldn’t share, but I just got a little carried away. There’s some underwear, a few outfits. Some things to make three days p-”

Alex’s phone interrupted with a series of alert messages and she looked sheepish as Rachel studied her with an inquisitive expression.

Ultimately, Rachel shrugged and handed over the overflowing bag. “I’m going to visit the Shaman and see about speeding up preparations for the ritual. We’ll turn you back in no time.”

“Thanks Rachel, Sincerely.”

Her roommate waved the comment away with a smile. They both turned to glance and Alex’s phone which tinkled with another alert.

“Well… I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning. Have a good evening Alex.”

Rachel turned and Alex closed the door behind her before dumping the bag out on the bed. She began to pick through the clothes but was interrupted by another message.

“Fuck, fine, what!” Alex shouted looking at her phone.

“Wow, he’s thirsty,” Alex thought. But she made him hard? The thought made her chuckle and gave her a very naughty idea.

To Be Continued…

The Swap Spirit

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at my newest story, coming to Kindle: Vella. I’m trying to figure out if/how I can make the content available here, but I’ve temporarily had to take it down for now.

But worry not, dear readers. I’m working on a website exclusive chapter just for you!

Bound by a spirit; Threads yet riven of fate; Choices must be wrought.

New to her gender; Exploring her desire; By a hunter sought.

Of ways to fly free; Few more to seek purity; Else, free will is naught.

Lust’s hazy fingers claw; Perched over the deep abyss; Now, witness your lot.

The Swap Spirit by Emily Cummings