With a drug epidemic sweeping through a private West Coast high school, East Coast Detective Daniel Jefferies must go undercover to stop it. However, with an impossibly tight clique of cheerleaders apparently behind the chaos, he’ll need more than his wits to infiltrate this squad. Fortunately, he won’t be alone. With the aid of former cheerleader, turned ATF Agent, Jessica Ross and a sophisticated bodysuit allowing him to inhabit the form of a nubile cheerleader, Dan must navigate the hormone fueled arena . At least, if a lecherous neighbor, a sexy cabal of cheerleaders, or his own suit’s feminine instincts don’t consume him first. Gender bender erotica.

Benny’s life was dramatically changing. First Alex, an old friend, returned to the picture and Benny let him move in. Then one morning he woke up as a sexy brunette girl. Why? Are these events related? Can he return to his original body? Benny seeks the answers to these questions and more as an erotically charged force propels his life in unexpected directions. Gender bender erotica.

The discovery of an old relic leads to a game of Truth or Dare four friends will never forget.Truth or dare with only guys would be pretty lame, fortunately the orb has a mind of it’s own and a little old magic left. Our hero, now a heroine, has no choice but to take ANY dare, no matter how naughty. Gender bender erotica.

Only the intervention of an ancient god can save Jack’s life, but it comes at a price. Service for his rabbit-eared god begins with becoming a college aged sorority sister and quickly devolves as Jack comes to grips with a new female body. However, her body has it’s own needs. Jack embarks on an erotic quest to free herself from servitude, one co-ed at a time. Gender bender erotica.

The hunt for the mystical Fountain of Youth turns up a mysterious artifact with a strange side effect. Jamie Wilson, a balding, overweight gentleman with no career prospects finds himself with the body of a female sex goddess and a very, very lucrative proposition to consider. Gender bender erotica.

Plagued by headaches and terrible dreams, Phillip White is driven to alternative medicine. The cure is a bit unconventional, but it’s going to change more about his life than his headache situation. An erotic adventure awaits Phil and her new lover, who is more than she appears. Gender bender erotica.

Karen is out of options to test her gender swapping shampoo. The only option is human guinea pigs, in the form of her brother and adopted father. The shampoo will complicate all their lives, but can any of them understand just how much? Gender bender erotica. Caution: Explicit sex scenes.

After Benjamin is captured by his biggest fan and subjected to a revolutionary procedure, a gender bender author is subjected to a taste of his own medicine. With the body of a sexy young woman, can she resist the urges and tribulations of her new gender? At the very least, it should provide some erotic new content for future stories! Gender bender erotica.

An illness has swept the planet. A Plague, turning healthy, virile males into exceptionally agreeable young ladies. A criminal element has capitalized on the madness, putting every victim in a terrible danger. Can Charlie Milton, a miserable excuse for a man, make it to safety as a woman? Gender bender erotica. Caution: Explicit Sex.

Boredom and mystical artifacts, what could go wrong? Alone on a long weekend David and Garret will uncover the meaning of the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.” Gender bender erotica.

No response is too extreme to catch a cheater. If you have to become your wife using top-secret formula and interrogate her tennis instructor using every feminine wile available, so be it. Gender bender erotica.

After nearly dying in an accident, a young man is forced to live in the body of a beautiful female coma patient. Separated from everything she knows, including her own body, she’ll have to do whatever it takes to satisfy her new master’s desires. Gender bending erotica.